Toon Cup 2018 Mod APK, Guide, Tricks and Tips

No one’s childhood is complete without watching cartoons. Cartoons are what adults relate their childhood to as it was a very integral part of their life. Once a person grows up there are new interests that are established and new things they would like to watch or play. One such is football. Imagine the perfection if someone could combine both football and your favourite childhood games. The result would be Toon Cup. Here are a few of Toon Cup 2018 tips tricks which will help you get better at the game and in turn enjoy it more:

* Choose the right player- While many soccer games all you to choose your team, Toon cup simply requires you to choose 3 main characters. While choosing the characters you need to be careful as they will lead the game. Each character has three bars which are the blue, pink and yellow. They represent the speed, accuracy and power of that said player.. While some may have more on one aspect others may be better in another. Choosing a player who now or less has all the three bars equal is the best thing to do before starting the game.

* Alertness- the main thing to remember while playing toon cup is that the game does not end after scoring a certain number of points but rather on the time. The match remains true to end and end immediately. One should not get overexcited or overconfident if they are in the lead, this might change at any moment as long as there is very less time left. It is also important to shoot at the right time and with good accuracy. Holding the blue button and releasing right before the white hits the top is the perfect time to make your goal and not miss it.

* Keep the size in mind- the players should always remember that whoever is being chosen to go to the field, should be chosen after considering their size. A smaller person might be doing great in the terms of the blue, yellow and pink stats but will get into trouble on the field if they run into a bigger defender. At the same time a larger player is often slow and might lack in other stats. These two components are to be kept in mind to make a team better balanced and ideal to win a game of Toon Cup.

* The blue boxes and the brown bags–It is important to keep upgrading to the better at all times of the game. While you are playing a game you may sometimes see brown bags which have coins which will be of use later as they earn you more game money. If you lose a game you will still get a few coins and the game may sometimes ask you to open the blue box. Always open them as they have power ups to help you win next time.

Conclusion: The player should also remember that the coming gained can be used to purchase unlocked characters and build a better team. Another Toon Cup 2018 tips tricks is to make your

third player fast and accurate and it almost always assured a win. These tips will surely help you in becoming the best at the game.

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