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Max Payne


Developer Rockstar Games

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If you are a Max Payne free apk download gamer, enter the game and you will fast find a familiar feeling. Max Pay be presents a darker, darker color. Three years ago, the protagonist Max in order to find out the truth, infiltrated the underground organization in New York, bent on finding the mastermind of his partner was killed to kill him, subjected to black and white Wanted, so start a journey of destiny …



The interactivity is more entangled, with an aggregate of five catches, including move, assault, slug time, bounce, and field of view modifications (contact to see the catch). Upper left for the hero of the estimation of life, the upper right half of the weapon type and projectiles, as the highest point of the triangle enables the player to change the firearm type.

The amusement will show up a ton of moderate movement shots, numerous foes assault the occasion, will be ease back movement to appear, lovely and delight in the meantime parallel. One element is the Bullet Time, after the beginning of an opportunity to back off, players can ease back the best approach to point, thump down the foe, the shot discharged gradually to the ballistic can be plainly observed; notwithstanding the slugs, the hero will fly The best approach to shoot, very powerful exquisite. Notwithstanding, the shot time can not be utilized without limitation. Notwithstanding numerous adversaries, it doesn’t really imply that we can pick up the high ground.

3D impact of the diversion screen, giving an inclination as though back to the past experience with an age of “Max Payne”. The general expressiveness of the screen or a huge degree to reestablish the age of “Max Payne” picture impact, which is very palatable. In the amusement, players are allowed to move around, alter through the field of vision, the player can open the cabinet to discover nourishment (supplement life), ammo, yet in addition turn on the tap, flush the latrine et cetera.-

Rich soundtrack is one of the highlights of Max Payne, scene change will change the diverse music, players frequently hear Max Payne or foe voice discussion. The upper triangle catch chooses the firearm, and when the player thumps down the adversary, he picks up his weapon and slug, for example, the Desert Eagle, shotgun, twofold weapon, and then some.

Soundtrack and story impeccable amusement, an exceptionally solid feeling of substitution, deserving of the work of art, no more acclaim words can not express my affection for this diversion!

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