Heroic Magic Duel Mod Apk 1.7 ferrum generator

Heroic Magic Duel Mod Apk 1.7 ferrum generator

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Heroic – Magic Duel v1.5.0 (Mod Apk) The intense strategy-driven PvP battle competition for thrill-seekers and aggressive types—the kind of families who call “Make this on!” in the face of a serious problem.

Battle your way through Heroic Arenas. Master a variety of Heroes, each using their own unique skills and traits. Collect, improve and evolve powerful Times and Minions, build a Deck to match your playstyle and climb your way up the Leaderboards as you crush one enemy Portal when another…. entirely to the Popular Arena!

But don’t forget to Guild up. Cos perhaps the biggest Heroes can’t raid the foul bosses on their own. Enjoy the rewards from PvE functions to buff your Hero then earn destruction to PvP. They won’t tell what struck ‘em! One last thing. Don’t ever let the beautiful, fantasy graphics fool people. This isn’t art. It’s overall turmoil. Then what do we say to mayhem? You got it, PRODUCE. THAT. IN! Use the cards wisely. Join a speed deck of low-cost Minions with Divine Shield, Heroic Magic Duel Mod Apk choose high-damage Minions and improve their damage with Rage or come up with your own unique strategy. It’s up to you! Outplay the opponents in the intensive 3-minute adrenaline rush we invite Battle. Get wanting to be hooked on the positive of enemy portals crashing down.



Each Hero comes with some unique Spells for you to master and evolve. From Meteor and Claw of the Spirits to Chilling Breeze and Large Growth, pick your favorite class of destruction to wreak havoc as you clash with your enemies. Master your favorite Hero or, even better, master them all!


We’ve developed the killers… healers… tanks… a full of 50 mighty Minions, all yours to collect, update and join into a Terrace of invincible magic.


Beat together! Team up with allies to sport “friendly” battles, chat, donate license next point up faster.


Team up with guildmates to take on vicious magical animals with special Boss Raid events. Earn unique rewards, level-up the Heroes, and go back to PvP stronger than actually.


There’s more than one way to prove you’re Heroic! Ascend the total, local with allies Leaderboards in getting conflicts WITH dominate different Categories by the amount of devastating damage you treaty near your opponents. Every blow counts!!

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