Fortnite V Bucks tips, tricks and guide

Fortnite, the biggest game in the world presently, is being played by almost everyone around the world.  The game is exciting, thrilling and satisfying to play. Originally taking inspiration from PlayerUnknown’s battleground, Fortnite is the improved and arguably the more likable game today. While playing fortnite there are a few tips and tricks that will help one become better at the game, whether they are beginners or someone who has been playing for a while. Knowing these will help you master the game sooner and will give you a better idea as there is a significant difference between other games and fortnite. A few of the Fortnite tips tricks which may be helpful are

  • Beware of the landing- it is important to be aware of where it is that you are landing. Landing depends on how long you have been playing for, if you are a newcomer then it is better to land in a place where there are not many people. If you are someone who is a kind of expert and are confident about your game then you can land in a named area on the map. Jumping at the right time can decide how your game is going to be.
  • The perfect loot- Looting is very important as it gives you the weapons necessary to protect yourself and kill others in the game. The best tip to loot is to land on top of the building. Landing on top allows you to axe your way to the floors below and find some loot. Looting is not about something magically appearing but about exploration. You should explore each nook and corner to find decent loot and do it before someone finds you. If you land in the same place as someone else it is better to just go about with finding your loot before the other one does.
  • Combat tips- the main tips to combat are how to fight and how to defend. Both of these are equally important. It is crucial to know when to get into combat and when to take cover and protect yourself. If you see someone building it is the best time to attack as they will be unaware. A firing amongst many people is also not the correct time to step in, it is better to wait for their combat to be over and then you can attack when there are a few people left.
  • Heal effectively- using band aids, shields and natural heals help you get better but only to a certain percentage. It is thus better to heal with band aids first, which heal you a little and then use something that overall increases your healing drastically. It is also important to keep away from the storm. Your life will slowly die if you stay in it for long but it is not impossible to escape the storm. With precision and a correct route you can easily get back into the safe circle and heal yourself completely. There is no need to panic.

Conclusion: Fortnite is all about good planning and playing in an organized and smart order. Following these Fortnite tips tricks will soon make you the best version of the player you could be.

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