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Darkness rises is a new video game that was launched more recently, on both IOS and Android. This much anticipated game has been a huge success since it was launched and has had an overwhelming number of downloads. The fast action and the amazing graphics of the game keep everyone hooked to it. If you are one of the many playing this game, you must be wondering about what you could do to get better at the game. The darkness rises tips tricks will help you defeat your opponents easily and learn how to be better than anyone else in the game, provided you play it correctly. Here are a few of them-

* Never ignore the red dots- as soon as you launch the game you will see a few red dots on certain items and it is important to always keep an eye out for them. These red dots indicate that there is either a mission to be followed, some item to be collected. It may also imply that your character has gone for an upgrade or you have a free chest with many advantages in it. So it is always better to open an item with a red dot.

* Always complete your missions- There are different types of missions in the game, like daily and weekly missions. Completing a mission will either get you a reward or sometimes, an upgrade. Missions that are completed on a weekly basis usually are related to small challenges that have to be completed by the character. Whereas, a daily challenge depends on the day to day performance of your character. The rewards are based on how effectively you complete these challenges.

* Get to a higher rank constantly- One of the best ways to stay on top of the game is to constantly boost your character for the better. The method to boost your character is to upgrade it from time to time. You can upgrade your character in adventure mode by taking essences or through the drop in chests which also have essence in them. Upgrading helps you earn and also get better challenges and powers. It will get you to a higher rank and in this way you can stay on top of the game be it PVP or PVE.

* Handle a fight correct- The important darkness rises tips tricks is that you need to handle your opponent in the correct way so as to not lose. When your enemy is attacking is it not enough to simply counter the attack. If you want to survive you should counter the attack while simultaneously defending yourself by blocking. The counter attack should be at the correct moment and it should be done from the right distance for the best effect. Keeping a safe distance is a smart way of handling an attack as you will get the enemy worked up about your next move.

Conclusion: There are many other tips such as constantly upgrading your weaponry by combining it, going to fish or take a bath in the village after the fourth or fifth adventure is

complete and making sure to try all the classes in characters. These will help you have a good grip over the game.

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